Search FIles and Directories in Linux

Important Commands to search Files and Directories in Linux.

Important Commands to search files and directories in Linux

To search Files and Directories in Linux, there are two important commands.

They are

  1. # locate
  2. # find

Locate Command:

  • Locate command always looks at the locate database and not in a specific location. The data of the locate is stored in /var/lib/mlocate/mlocate.db file.
  • If the data is not updated in the locate database or the locate database is available or locate database is deleted, we cannot locate the files and directories.
  • # updatedb is the command to update the locate database.
  • locate database cannot find the newly created files and directories.
  • It is not recommended to use on production servers because it impacts on the performance of the servers.
  • So, to overcome this problem we normally use # find command on production servers.

# updatedb (to update the locate database)

# locate (to search the specified file or directory)

Search FIles and Directories in Linux

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Find Command:

  • Find Command is one of the important commands in Linux to search files and Directories.
  • It is also one of the widely used commands in Linux and also very easy to use.
  • Find command required a specific location. Without a specific location, we cannot find the files or directories.

Use the below command, to search the files in a Specific Location.

# find <location><options><file or directory>   (to find the specific file or directory).

The options are,

-name —–> search files and directories

-prem —–> search for permissions

-size —–> search for sizes

-user —–> search for the owner

-uid —–> search for files/directories of uid)

-gid —–> search for files/directories of gid)

-group —–> search for group owner

-empty —–> search for empty files

-amin —–> search for access time

-mmin —–> ”   ”

-cmin —–> ”    ”

-atime —–> search for access day (access day, minutes, hrs, …etc)

-mtime —–> search for modify day (change the content)

-ctime —–> search for change day (permissions, …..etc)

This is the full information about the Find and Locate Commands to search files and Directories in Linux.

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