How Reboot Production Server Linux

How to reboot the production server in Linux ?

How to reboot the production server in Linux?

In general the production servers will not be rebooted frequently because the end users will suffer if the productions server are in down state.

If any changes made to the system like grub, Selinux policy, default run level is changed and if kernel patches are applied the system reboot is required.

If any inconsistency in root ( / ) file system, then take the business approval from higher authorities,make a plan for proper schedule and also inform to the different teams like application team to stop the application, database team to stop the databases, QC team to stop the testing, monitoring people to ignore the alerts from this server and other teams if any and then reboot the system with CD ROM in single user mode and then run #fsck command on that file system.How Reboot Production Server Linux


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If Operating System (O/S) disk is corrupted or damaged then, reboot the system temporarily with the mirror disk then fix that problem and again boot the system with original disk.

This is the full information about the how to Reboot the Production Server in Linux. If you have any doubts related to this, let us know.


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